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Natural Care MucusFix Nasal Spray - 0.5 fl oz

$31.00 $15.00
Natural Care MucusFix Nasal Spray Description:

With Menthol 2X

Helps Relieve Symptoms Of:

  • Mucus Congestion
  • Cols and Runny Nose
  • Cough with Mucus

Temporarily relieves mucus congestion due to colds, chest and sinus congestion, expectoration of mucus, rattling and hacking coughs.

Contains Guaiacum 3X and Menthol 2X

  • No drowsiness

  • No jitters

  • No ""rebound"" nasal congestion

  • Safe to use with other medicines

  • Non-habit forming

  • Soothing and moistuizing saline base

    Getting rid of mucus

    The human body is designed to manage mucus through natural functions, which is why our noses get runny and we cough. When you have a cold or an allergy, it is important to remember to blow your nose frequently, couch to move mucus out of the lungs and drink plenty of water to help keep the mucus thin to help prevent difficult congestion and bacterial infections.

    It can also be helpful to irrigate the nasal passage to remove mucus and rinse nasal passages. Nasal irrigation to remove mucus has become more popular in recent years. Every nasal irrigation method works by the same basic principle: You shoot a saline (salty water) solution up one nostril to loosen up all the mucus that's collected in your nasal cavity, which then drains out the other nostril.

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